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The world's first line of beverages created with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).
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The Majestic Line was created by Ghizoni Bebidas, an international pioneer in researching and applying artificial intelligence in the beverage sector.


With Artificial Intelligence (AI), our company creates superior, innovative products with better cost-effectiveness.


Our infrastructure:

  • Manufacturing (Leme-SP)

  • Distribution Center (Guarulhos - SP)

  • Administrative Office (Tubarão - SC)


Innovation Process

Starting from an initial inspiration, we are able to evolve products by improving quality and cost-effectiveness.


Our exclusive product development process utilizes gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and artificial intelligence.


Currently, we have established ourselves as the most advanced company in the beverage market.


Bruno Ghizoni is an expert in artificial intelligence (AI).


He is the founder of Majestic, the world's first line of beverages created with the support of artificial intelligence (AI).


Internationally awarded with the title of "Distinguished Innovator" bestowed by the George Washington University (USA) and BSA (Business Software Alliance - the largest global conglomerate of software companies).


He has led over R$150 million in innovation investments.

Degree from the Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG) and an MBA in innovation from FIA-USP.

Professor of innovation at FIA-USP.


Denis Oliveira is one of the most renowned Brazilian bartenders. Throughout his career, he has worked in top restaurants in São Paulo, such as the luxurious Hotel Rosewood.


Denis is the mastermind behind Brazil's first 100% kosher cocktail menu, elevating the gastronomic experience to a new level of sophistication and inclusivity.


His skill and creativity have made him a national reference in mixology.


Artificial Intelligence


Alessandro de Oliveira Faria is a Member of the International Council of Intel, Co-founder of OITI TECHNOLOGIES (one of the leading biometrics companies with a database of over 100 million identities and processing capability of 1 to 3 seconds), and considered the AI Pope in Brazil.



  • Self-taught,

  • Over 200 lectures delivered,

  • 14 printed articles published,

  • 120 articles published on the Viva o Linux portal with over 9 million accesses,

  • Intel Innovator,

  • Innovation Ambassador of Credicitrus,

  • Notable Member of I2AI,

  • Professor at FIA-USP,

  • Official Member and Ambassador of OpenSUSE Linux in Latin America,

  • Chapter Leader of OWASP SP,

  • Mentor of Cybersecuritygirls BR,

  • Technical Columnist,

  • Open Source Contributor,

  • Founder of the Global openSUSE Linux INNOVATOR initiative.

Image by Daniel Vogel


Gin Majestic

You have been misinformed all your life. The best Gin for those who enjoy a light and refreshing Gin & Tonic is not the London Dry, but the Old Tom Gin.


Created in the mid-18th century in Europe, the Old Tom Gin style is characterized by velvety notes, leaving behind the harsh traits of the famous London Dry.


With the support of artificial intelligence (AI), we have magnificently updated this Gin. Enjoy now the Gin that has brought Old Tom into the 21st century.


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Blend  Majestic

Discover the perfect flavor of Majestic Blended Malt Whisky.


A product developed by artificial intelligence with over 175 billion variables.


The launch bottle of the blend (LIMITED EDITION) pays homage to Friar John Cor, the creator of Whisky in 1494, in Scotland. John Cor was a monk of the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor. The bottle references Alva, a liturgical garment specifically intended for celebratory rituals.

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Vodka Majestic

For the development of Majestic Vodka, the three most prominent premium vodkas in the world were studied.


The result is an 11-times filtered vodka that will provide you with a unique sensory experience.


The frosted glass bottle portrays the extreme purity of Majestic Vodka. Everything has been designed to provide you with the best experience and flavor possible.


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Liqueur  Majestic

For over 2,000 years, a liqueur reigned supreme in the market. Now, with the support of artificial intelligence, this traditional liqueur has been surpassed.


It should be enjoyed chilled (between approximately 0ºC and 5ºC) or with coffee (hot or iced coffee with ice).


The best Orange Sevilla with Vanilla flavored liqueur of all time.



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The Majestic Line is internationally recognized for its quality and innovation.


Even Microsoft, through its Copilot AI, acknowledges the company's pioneering efforts.

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Image by David Jorre

Contact Us

Our business hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


We are located at 565 Cândido Cesar Freire Leão Street, Tubarão - SC. ZIP code: 88705-040. 


Contact us via email at, through the form below, or WhatsApp on the side.


Welcome to the future. Welcome to Majestic.

Message sent successfully! Thank you for contacting us!

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